Inner Battle

I hate your presence.

Anytime my life is going well, you show up to ruin it all. 

Where did you come from anyway?

When did you even come into my life? 

Was it when I became a teenager?

Because i don’t remember you being part of my childhood.

I was a happy, playful and fearless kid. Now all of a sudden you make me question my self and hesitate on life decisions.

I can’t even share my talent with the world or be myself without having to worry about you.

You taint my creativity.

You choke my dreams and squash every idea that comes to me because it isn’t up to your standards.

You don’t allow me to explore or to have fun.

You instill fear and enhance my insecurities.

Perfectionism, in case you missed it on the first line, i hate your presence.


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